Info Rhino Limited - Technology Solutions Provider

Hi there. As well as writing blog posts, I am also the owner of Info Rhino Limited. 2019, saw a break away from typical contracting through an agency as I focused on two main objectives;

  • Build out the underlying architecture and website for my property platform findigl.
  • Ensure Info Rhino Limited has a credible online presence, set of services and products clients can or may be interested in.

As you will see, last year was to do with pivoting the company, to widen its reach and client base.

We are soon ready to start delivering technology solutions to help businesses thrive.

We excel in;

  • Business Intelligence.
  • Website Application Development.
  • Server Application Development.
  • API Development.

Where I really see value being delivered

Being able to write software is a skill, but knowing how to build useful applications which work for business is where I see the skill offering of Info Rhino.

Software development always appealed, as it empowers you to have the skills to build products other people need. During my 30's, this product focus became more service oriented. Now, it is about combining services and products.

For example, building a website.

The last thing every company needs is just another website. What a company needs is a number of contact points for their clients. A website may not deliver any custom at all, but we will think through the overall strategy your company may need.

Completely rethinking software delivery inside the enterprise

Another major experience we have seen, is how enterprises manage their application architecture. By trying to use one platform serves all, the software release cycle is slow, hard to maintain, and is expensive to add features.

We are in the process of testing the third part to our software suite to manage the deployment of our applications and artefacts.

Customer Relationship Management and understanding your business

It is easy to be an evangelist - bang the same drum, win clients. Does this improve the client's revenue stream, and the answer is probably no.

Again, this is why real value is needed. Every contact point with customers needs to be considered; Impressions, clicks, conversations, emails, complaints, visits. Then there are competitors - what do they do that you think works.