Why Social Media really is a bad idea and you should probably leave it

Social media is a phenomenon I have found offers many benefits to the individual, some of them including;

  • Increased ability to connect with likeminded people.
  • Tools to help organise your personal life - calendar appointments and social events, sport events etc.
  • Getting introduced to new ideas.
  • Being able to connect with personalities you respect. 
  • Keep others appraised of your activities. 
  • Testing your own concepts.
  • Challenging other's perceptions.
  • Giving yourself a platform.
  • If something major happens, Social Media may be talking about it before mainstream news.

Indeed, society is marching forwards to the point that almost everybody could be on social media given a few more years. 

Personally, I found social media as offering the potential for people you have never met to connect with you to help improve your life. A simple example could be by talking about certain technology potential employers or customers could find me.

Negatives of social media

We could go into loads of studies, data, opinion on social media, things like dopamine effect, that you are the product, naricissism, a detached sense of reality. Instead, I wanted to describe what happened to me when rejoining Twitter.

My experience of rejoining Twitter

Before jumping straight in, it is worth explaining my political stance. It's a little boring to those who follow my blog, but here goes. 

My parents are left wing and until around thirty, was left leaning. Not massively, because there were elements of right sided beliefs held too. I think it was that a lot of the tory voters were actually quite annoying and seemed very sure of things they couldn't really understand. In reality it is an unshakeable belief system that if you vote Conservative everything will be okay.

Aside from the Iraq war, Tony Blair did a lot to modernise the left. I later learned that the failure of Gordon Brown is just a natural phenomenon of the credit cycle.

We would assume I moved to the right, and I did vote Conservative but here is the rub, the tories have done more to kill entrepreneurialism than Labour ever have. Maybe I will do another post on this.

Currently, my stance is apolitical.

Two sides of the same coin

To the elite, money and assets are all they care about. Whether the coin lands heads or tails doesn't matter.

My specific angle is, most government needs eradicating. Most taxation is theft, and in the 21st century there are better ways to run the country in a more modern way. Democracy is a fallacy and involves the fooling of the mob to elect you and then you get five years to do what you want. Look no further than the lockdown as evidence of this.

I rejoined twitter to increase awareness of the scamdemic relating to coronavirus. I don't say these things lightly.

What I experienced when interacting with people on twitter

  • Brexit at all costs. Despite many realising it was a scamdemic, they just wanted Brexit. No matter how much Boris Johnson and Matt Hancock lied and removed our freedoms they didn't care. That the country was being plundered didn't matter to them. 
  • They were staunch believers in the scamdemic. They were fearful, would publish misinformation, get triggered by anybody not wearing a mask. They had been got to by the system.
  • They were complete conspiracy nut jobs. I definitely sit on that side of the fence but to give an example. The moon landings - I can say I believe man went to the moon despite a lot of alternative theories and the plot synopsis to "The shining". 911 as a false flag is a done deal as far as I am concerned.
  • They move with every new topic. Plastic straws > Covid-19 > lockdown > second wave > George Floyd > Black lives matter > third wave. 
  • They never move outside of mainstream media. They barely know how to open a spreadsheet, let alone download some data from the world health organisation and run a few calculations.
  • They had zero intellectual ability for debate. "oh bore off" followed by block. 
  • There were some genuinely smart people who did work things out for themselves.
  • Agendaists - often self publicising but with a specific goal.

Ultimately, social media is crazy. It doesn't feel like a place where people want to learn and indeed as a medium for learning it is crap.

Why did I Ieave Twitter? 

No doubt there were some good people on Twitter - wingmen you could go into battle with. What finally convinced me to leave was how quickly, my following/circle were a bunch of right wing xenophobes. Left wing identity politics are equally as awful and a lot of those existed but somehow, my circle were a bunch of racists who were angry at foreigners. This in itself is ridiculous for people who know me.

Many people found it offensive to hear foreign languages spoke in England. Some even claiming these foreigners were talking about and laughing at them - let's hope so.

Is it wrong that people are racist, probably, as long as they accept it limits their lives and potential. As long as they are happy to be perceived as strange then in fact being racist should be allowed. Is hate wrong, is hating people based upon some difference wrong? Probably, but the world is big enough to live and let live.

Personally, I do think that whipping up race and identity politics, sewing division is evil. Social media is a breeding ground for such activities. At the same time, natural apprehension is real. Cultural differences do exist and may never be overcome in some people. We have to just get on with our lives.

Ultimately, it is the tragedy of the commons. Something incredible, something which could unite people through truth simply becomes a platform for bigotry and intolerance.

Social media tells me the following and this recent twitter experience is a microcosm for life. 

We are not amongst friends, society itself only functions through repression of our own desires and tendencies through convention of law and systemisation.

The one trick awake people see

Have you ever known somebody who can't tell if they are watching a commercial or not? This is mainstream media, most can't for a second believe what is being portrayed in the news is anything other than correct. To understand that an outcome of both social and mainstream media is to radicalise us down a particular path.

I have noticed the increased role taken my social media platforms in trying to do the job of brainwashing the mainstream media has been doing for decades.

How can twitter work?

You have to have a specific goal. A narrative that is pretty much unshakeable. If you are racist - Paul Joseph Watson, or a business guy - Gary Vaynerchuck, stay there. If you want to become a shill, concoct that lifestyle and stick to that strategy. Political, stay political. 

I rejoined Twitter today

I suddenly realise that from my Info Rhino and findigl accounts. That you shape your own destiny - much like the secret. If you spend your time around people who complain, are negative and fearful, this will be you. As a fairly nihilistic person, negativity doesn't bother me, but there are things we can do to improve how we project ourselves and want to experience the world.

Deeper thoughts are for this blog, Twitter is simply snippets of ideas.

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