The insanity of our world - what is right is wrong and what is wrong is right

Since Covid first appeared on the scene, to many, the world has been upturned. Everything we were supposed to strive to do is now wrong. At every turn, people have conformed at the risk of upsetting everybody who has been personally affected by Covid whilst at the same time having closed their eyes and ears to all the horrors happening around them since the day they were born.

We are supposed to feel anger and outrage when the media tells us to. We quickly judge other's behaviour because we are told that behaviour is now bad. It doesn't make sense.

  • Socialising is no longer accepted.
  • Children are evil carrier of diseases who will kill granny.
  • Wearing a mask to restrict breathing and cause infection, shows you are a good citizen.
  • Following the news and not undertaking your own research is fine, because we can trust the news (we can't).
  • Government has our best interests at heart.
  • Exercise is extremely limited now, if at all. Whilst you have less ability to manage your own health, we care about your health.
  • Queuing to go to a shop, in the freezing cold, is because the retailer cares about you.
  • It is better to avoid friends and family to avoid a virus which almost everybody will not suffer adversely from.
  • We have to adore our leaders and media, they are going to help us through this nightmare.
  • Money and profits are evil, anybody wanting to earn a living is evil, whilst multinational corporations strengthen their monopolies and make more money than ever.
  • Vaccines are no longer real vaccines, they don't stop viruses spreading, and don't provide immunity.
  • Health through good practice, such as vitamins and good diet, are less important than sitting on our hands and waiting for a vaccine.
  • Other conditions - more likely to harm individuals such as cancer, suicide, heart attacks are no longer important and are classed as covid.

Any sane person who is not sold into the bullshit of what is happening must think they are losing their mind. You are not, this is a series psychological operations designed to get most people to submit and yield to the new way of being.

How do we understand and explain what is happening to people who doesn't want to hear it?

If you are fairly alert, the above list of paradoxes is likely to make you laugh - or cry! If you are bought into this, then you will find it offensive and feign outrage. Until things get totally destroyed, there is little chance of them pitching in. What can be said which hasn't been said a thousand times before?

The future economy

When we watch Robin Hood, or Braveheart, or some other fantasy, there is the leader, the hero, and a bunch of devoted followers prepared to die for their leader. In 2020, we have leaders on social media platforms such as Twitter and their band of merry followers who will happily follow their leaders by proxy - but the minute danger appears, they will be off. The minute they risk getting a fine, or worse - a conviction. The fear is that these minor indiscretions of simply wanting a bit of liberty, can cause many to be unable to work and their livelihoods destroyed.

Wake up. Your livelihoods are being obliterated. Most agency through a career has gone, most jobs will become automated via robots or artificial intelligence, and the future for the majority of people is to be stuck on a subsistence known as Universal Basic Income.

Tell them about Henry Hazlitt and Erich Fromm

If anybody wants to understand how government and economics really work, reading Hazlitt's "Economics in one lesson" is a must. It is literally the exact same playbook which has been uttered by politicians for decades. I admit it is over 200 pages in length, but reading only a few pages will allow you to quickly smell the platitudes of politicians.

Perhaps, more relevant for me, is Erich Fromm's "A man for himself". Again, not easy reading, but if you can get through quite a bit of it, your thinking will be completely transformed. It is full of truths, observations, and wisdom, but the single most important feature is the predictability of the book.

As with Hazlitt, Fromm was writing this after the second world war. This was a time to look at what had just happened, the past, and consider where humanity could be heading. The book is effectively a breakdown of the different character traits (orientations) we exhibit and I say, a warning on where we could end up if we don't celebrate the positives in life more. It wasn't hedonistic, but very much about celebrating the self. There is little surprise, that in today's society - everything is about groups, identity politics, and the rights of the individual are being subjugated and controlled.

Right now, the greater good, the well-being of everybody else is more important than you, yet without you there is no everybody else? We owe it to our-self to not be conditioned by social convention and norms.

Everybody can be right sometimes

The appeal to authority fallacy is one of the hardest ones to overcome. How is it possible that anybody can know more than a government advisor - a scientist such as Chris Whitty? The answer - because they are fucking lying to you shit for brains. Find inconsistencies and mistruths is not hard in our information age, even though censorship has reached almost totalitarian levels right now.

Spend just a couple of hours, even on normal newspapers, and if you look for the truth it is there. We don't need to always have experts to tell us.

You're not a doctor

"You're not a doctor." In no way am I denigrating the expertise of health professionals, but I am living proof of taking a second opinion. With my knee which was injured twice in football matches, and for my back. Sometimes - it is absolute, but nurses and doctors - not all, don't have all the answers. In the same light - saying Bill Gates isn't a doctor isn't helpful either, despite what people may feel about him.

One of the most remarkable things I have found in my career is just how many crap professionals there are. I myself have been crap at certain points - there, I admit it. One of the reasons is because we will go through periods of having to learn new skills or be exposed to new situations which will require us to not be as optimal as before. Being a technology professional - it is a constant stream of having to learn new skills and most developers are used to this. Most industries are not forced to adapt as much and so it is highly likely they can't all be experts. Just look up the "Dunning Kruger effect". "Trust me, I'm a doctor" never seemed so more contradictory. The entire medical profession is a series of hierarchies within a centrally controlled structure making it very hard for creativity and ingenuity to bubble up and out.

"The numbers are off the charts"

Are they? What is the reality and detail of the numbers? Is the testing accurate? Can this be substantiated? What about Bayesian reasoning - how many people do I personally know affected by it?

"I know somebody who died of Covid" or "I have had it myself and it was awful and wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy"

Richard Branson's 96 year old mother died - of Covid. Fully signed up to the global cabal, Branson has no shame in claiming a 96 year old lady died of Covid - even his own mother. In reality, people can die of Covid and many other things. This is the problem with life - death. We can get unwell.

A friend was explaining how we absolutely shouldn't meet, because what if I have covid - they have too much work to do and can't afford to get ill. What happened for the entirety of their lifetime? They pretty much had to get on with life, colds, warts and all, and only if they had the flu would they stay home.

As tragic as it is, we should not be destroying everything. Especially when there is no evidence that lockdowns, social distancing, and masks work. The data is abundant.

Understand the Hegelian dialect of Problem, Reaction, and Solution

Imagine we have a child who won't go to sleep. We could keep trying to encourage them it is sleep time, offer a bedtime story, and literally beg them to go to sleep so we can get to finish our Netflix box-set. Or, we could install fireproof plasterboard in their bedroom, set the entire house on fire and tell them we have a room specially made for them to sleep in where they will be safe.

We had; the problem - global warming, the reaction - media and government acknowledgement and publicising of the problem, and the solution - reducing consumption and our carbon footprint.

It won't surprise anybody to know that the problem and the solution existed at the same time.

Look for inconsistencies

The way to wake people up is to keep finding examples of things which are clear examples of things which are wrong but appear right. A very good example is house prices and the idea of downsizing once you retire. Another good example is pensions.

If I pick 100 people and mention Bitcoin, 99 of them will tell me it is a scam.

Are people in possession of their own thoughts?

It is impossible for most people to be creating and publishing their own conscious thoughts without a fair amount of influence through other parties. Often, we can challenge people on this by asking them to explain the precise source of their statement.

The other day, I dared to tell a group of people that they may want to understand that immunity to covid has a number of dimensions to it and that the vast majority of people are immune to it. If you have had covid, you are unlikely to need a vaccine. When pressing them for their sources - surprise, surprise it is the media or government.

One friend has spent an inordinate amount of time learning about viruses and vaccines because of Covid. Given his age and health conditions, why was he never worried about pneumonia, liver disease, or cancer?

Where next with society?

I don't think we have had society for a very long time. Have people been able to freely exist respectfully within society without constantly being judged? What we have is a continued set of projections of things we are made to care about. Often, we are encouraged to want one set of things which is not particularly desirable, only to once being onboard with this new way of being, to then be told that what we are now okay with is now wrong.

Personally, am ready to move on from this Covid episode. It will get worse, our rights will be reduced further and most of what we ever knew will be a distant memory. Many haven't understood we will never get to see friends and family again, haven't attempted to understand what a virus or vaccine is, and are in complete denial that there could be a bigger economic and societal regime change agenda at hand. These people are not only idiots, they are harmful to any hope of future generations at having a semblance of normality. They campaign for masks, they are willing to spy on and report their neighbours, yet never cared about the many evils continuously occurring in the world.

All we can do, and where I am, is to try to find opportunity and create solutions which will allow us a certain amount of autonomy either within or outside whatever world the elite has planned for us. This means I am pretty much done with this debacle. I have zero interest in maintaining relationships with people who cannot turn off the TV and read a study and you should be the same.


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