Your friend is your enemy and they don't even care about your basic rights any more

This was something which always seemed a possibility to me. That many of your colleagues at work didn't really like you, that friends only hung out with you so they could go to the club to try and meet girls, or that once you agreed a business arrangement with a partner - they would sit-back and let you do all the hard work. The pandemic has laid this bare, for all to see.

Many think it is the government setting the rules, and the government believes this too, but the truth is it is us. Individuals, friends, family, local acquaintances, parents, who all go along with whatever is mandated for an easier life. This is the trick, and it is that individuals are willingly submitting themselves to the whims of wannabe dictators, we are being enslaved.

What has the majority done since this pandemic started? They have buried their heads, ever deeper into the sand, hoping that at some point - life will revert to normal. If there is one thing to get through their tiny-pathetic minds - it is not getting back to normal. It may be hard for people to believe, but the indications are obvious;

  • Ministers are warning the British people not to expect a foreign holiday in 2020.
  • Health passports are being banded around as a solution to an invented problem.
  • There is limited movement within our own towns, counties, and cities. We even have borders between countries.
  • We see heavily overbearing policing, fines, and implied threats to rulebreakers.
  • We see a pervasive destruction of most of what we believed to be rights. A very simple example is the right to education - this blog has a lot of mixed opinion on mainstream education, but for many - a free education, which is never free is what people believe they have a right to expect.

Some strange attitudes towards the effects of lockdown

I did a quick "feeling on the ground" check by asking a number of people on WhatsApp the following;
"Can I ask a serious question? Does anybody care that we can't travel any more? Assuming that the data is real, which it isn't, we are all still healthy. The only people who can travel are dual citizenships."

The responses were unsurprising, but largely followed this pattern;

  • "It is only until March." Well, all the indications are it isn't. We are certainly hearing that next Winter will be the same.
  • "I don't need to travel now. It doesn't bother me." What about people who may have to travel abroad for medical care? What about those who's family are in different countries?
  • "I have a dual citizenship, I can get around it?" For how long? At some point, people will get stuck.
  • "Yes, I do care, once we get vaccinated it will all go back to normal." We have already been told that the vaccines doesn't prevent transmission and people should still act like they have Covid, even if they have been vaccinated and already had Covid.
  • "I am too depressed to talk about it." This is truly understandable.
  • "I am focusing on myself and keeping active." A great attitude, but not solvable.

The overriding theme, was that most didn't reply, the vast majority seem inert and passive - barely caring. There is some truth in "why travel if the destination is as or more draconian? than the UK?" but we are giving up fundamental rights.

One friend, finally got my point. Recently in Poland, they have stopped women having the right to abortion. Whatever people's thoughts are on this, there are situations where this is necessary. Now, if these women can't travel - they are truly trapped.

Some philosophical thoughts on lockdown attitudes

Government tells us what to do, what can we do about it?

This is highly problematic, society has had the importance of politics drilled into them through education and media for as long as we can remember. We always have the threat of police and military force, yet - there always comes a point where in civil war it can be hard for humans to kill and incarcerate innocent fellow citizens. We are not that far away from the point at which policing can be robotic and thus the element of humanity finally lost.

The important thing is to keep putting out real information and not allowing people to revert into their shells. If parents, communities and individuals can keep complaining to politicians and the media. If people can stop wearing masks and rebel in their own ways, it makes a small difference.

Another key thing that nobody has cottoned onto - human rights? The International Criminal Court (ICC) must be a place for us to start pushing back. From my investigation, it genuinely appears that tens of thousands of people have died because leaders have blocked use of certain therapeutic and propyhlactic drugs whilst waiting for a vaccine. You can research this for yourself of course.

Once the vaccine is rolled out, things will go back to normal

This is perhaps the most poorly conceived concept. We are in a situation where, if enough low paid workers can keep doing the grunt work, the office workers can stay at home - most of our normal activities are no longer needed. The proof will be in whether the export producing countries can be coerced into believing that the money we give them is real, and for them to keep giving us free stuff in exchange. This is all that matters - if the WEF are to pull off their "Big Reset" all of the ducks will have to be lined up.

We have some very uncomfortable truths to accept, this is not a simple resolution.

I am okay, I can get around the restrictions or they don't affect me

I am certain, that during the enactment of the East/West German divide, certain people retained freedoms for longer. They were possibly permitted more freedom either because they were deemed important in the short-term, or government hadn't got around to pinning them down either. To idly believe that, somehow, you are special is beyond stupid. Some will believe that their work guarantees them protections. Rest assured, if your work is deemed important, they will be finding a way to make you unimportant - whether it is virtual learning in the case of teachers, or doctors working in call-centres.

Government and agencies are doing their best, there isn't a universal co-ordinated plan to destroy The West

There doesn't need to be a co-ordinated plan. This isn't a murder-mystery Agatha Christie Murder on the Orient Express. We don't all get the benefit of being sat down whilst Poirot rattles through the various scenarios. Confront what is happening, focus on the outcomes, dare to imagine a few steps down the road. You don't need to be a full-on conspiracy theorist - how about being a conspiracy realist, or a scenario theorist? This is all I do, I look at the information and think about probabilities - no difference to Bayesian modelling.

Once you confront what is happening, things come together very quickly.

Maybe it will work out fine, maybe they will hand back power

This is my null-hypothesis. There is a possibility, that via some moment of clarity or series of events, that power will be reduced and it will be business as usual. To discount this notion, is insanity. However, right now, we have to reject the null-hypothesis.

So what can we do about it?

Think as individuals, but for the aggregate individual. A lot is said about the greater good, and collectivism - I think it is a terrible way to remove individual agency. The greater good is like the oppressive parent, or teacher telling you to think of others. Try, instead to think of it as empowering individual agency. Whether we are pro-lockdowners or anti-lockdowners, we have become obsessed about numbers. There has been 100k deaths in the UK, but it isn't as much as these previous years, but the number of non-covid deaths, but the dying of versus dying with. We know the numbers are faked. We know that some people are dying of Covid, we know there are shades of grey around vaccinations, yet the vital thing is to think bigger.

Imagine the things you were allowed to do, and now imagine none of that being available to the average person. This is what is at stake.

Understand that many bad decisions has been made during this lockdown and more bad decisions will be made, it has little to do with saving people. Enslaving not saving.

Some solutions (Not financial advice)

  • Keep posing philosophical questions to people. Get them thinking.
  • Create your own blog or website, talk about anything. Even if you believe lockdown should be stricter, engage debate (Obviously I won't read it).
  • Start collating data. Even if you can create spreadsheets and put them on open cloud storage.
  • Write to every organisation you have interactions with and complain.
  • Vote with your wallet. Tell businesses you won't engage with them, don't engage with them.
  • Cancel subscriptions to newspapers, parties, and organisations you don't agree with.
  • Find local, like minded individuals, even form political associations if required.
  • Write to media to ask them why they are publishing misinformation.
  • Call out shills on social media and other forms wherever you can.
  • Talk to friends and family in other countries. Ask them to complain in the same way. Complain to their embassy and government.
  • Use all types of tax breaks. Capital gains tax thresholds, time entries and exits out of money, consider avoiding inheritance tax.
  • Consider if we can complain as highly as the "International Criminal Court".
  • Create our own media sources.
  • Start taking fiat money out of the system. For example, not just cryptocurrency, but mechanisms which keeps capital out of your jurisdiction - I am not recommending tax evasion or avoidance.
  • Try to use new mediums of exchange. If you offer online/digital services, why not accept different currencies as payment.
  • Start providing new options and alternatives. As much as many think technology and AI is moving against us, these systems are what help expose the charlatans. I still remember a Pre-Brexit Boris Twitter parody account which simply reposted his Europhile twitterings.

This is a photo of me in Chamonix - at lunchtime after a morning's skiing. Whilst many people will be crying that people are dying, and it is selfish, they really haven't understood what freedom is. We will all meet our miserable and horrible end at some point, but we are now at a time where none of us will ever have the chance to live. I hope I am wrong.


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