Understanding where society is after the pandemic

Society is in a state of being unable to determine what is real any more. If you follow the news and mainstream media, without paying attention to any data and facts - perhaps your reality conforms to the reality you are supposed to exist within. If your circle of friends are those who also follow the news, then that reality will be reinforced. Indeed, the great thing in having other friends who follow different parts of the propaganda machine is they can tell you the bits you didn't get to find out for yourself. If people are allowed to mix in the future, we can get back to the pub, go out for meals and have conversations where we can talk about what is happening in the news, or what the must-see latest box-set on Netflix should be? There are plenty of BBC dramas to catch up on too.

Recently, I have had so many people start asking me about cryptocurrency - its creeping into mainstream media, the drug-dealing go to currency of yesteryear is now fashionable. Major financial institutions are talking about it, investing in it, newspapers are talking about it, certain populist financial channels are shilling it. They aren't getting into cryptocurrency for the real reasons we should be into cryptocurrency. Instead, they are buying it like they are buying a lottery ticket with slightly better odds. Just as they haven't pieced together the many elements of the scamdemic, neither have they considered that they are more likely to suffer an Adverse Drug Reaction to any of the cocktail of Covid-19 vaccines than to see them buy Bitcoin at the right price and walk away with a tidy sum. These kinds of anomalies escape the average sheep.

Others have zero understanding on how vaccines work, their risks and benefits. Not a single person who has taken the vaccine whom I spoke to even knows about the MHRA Yellow Card Reporting scheme. If you tell people there are people who are dying close to receiving the vaccine - they proudly repeat what the newspapers claim, that there is no relation. Indeed, I propose a fairly simple methodology for explaining why we can find links between events by treating the data differently on my video here.

Many having taken the vaccine haven't had a side-effect at all, many others spent days in bed afterwards, had pain and haven't questioned why proven medication has been rejected. The yellow card scheme shows some horrific health effects shortly after the vaccine - coincidence? On social media - trusted followers, some against the scamdemic have taken the vaccine and suffered horrendously. Yet, if you ask people why they are prepared to go through something which is virtually zero risk to them it is so they can go on holiday again. Do we have any genuine assurances of this? Do we have genuine international agreement? Why are masks still here - we know they don't work, the countless studies on them before Covid for flu, and the many studies on masks during Covid? I did a simple stock take earlier of people walking around. 10 people masked, 54 people unmasked, at different times of the day this ratio wildly fluctuates. Why are people wearing a mask at all? Genuinely? Why aren't they furious with government - the lying medical profession? Any person with a scientific or mathematical degree who wears a mask religiously should be stripped of their degree.

Why can't people put two and two together, listen to the underlying tone from government - that things are never going back to normal? Why can't they complain to every single agency, mps, local authorities and anybody else severely harming their lives and their community? Why is it that every company going is going the extra mile to bankrupt themselves by alienating their customers by saying they are keeping them safe? Why aren't major companies saying - fuck masks? Why aren't employers - particularly in public settings undertaking risk assessments on masks? If they did, they would know the risks outweighs the benefits - they would be telling government it isn't safe, and the science would be backing preventing mask usage.

Recently, I have been putting out a lot of video content on my bitchute channel. Mostly, I try to cover the media, the data, the science and the economic reality of this pandemic. Whilst I have taken a deep dive into this, it shouldn't take a lot of effort for the majority of people to say enough. Yet, there they are, humble bragging about how they have figured out that vaccine passports are coming - when indeed they have been coerced and manipulated by the government and media. These are the same people who boast about how great their child's school is, or brag about their local town farmer's market, or when you go skiing - happen to have been skiing in the best location that day.

Sinisterly, so many horrific accounts of suicide, mental health depression, missed cancer appointments, missed operations, or financial hardship are glossed over. The media has gone all in on Covid, some newspaper's biggest advertiser is the British government. Is that appropriate? To put taxpayer money onto Covid mainly? Can we expect media to hold the government and parliament to account? Why are people still regurgitating incorrect information? Those who look, knows there are countless studies showing masks doesn't work, that asymptomatic spread doesn't exist, that virus vaccine escape is a real risk (Geert Vanden Bosen), that Antibody Dependency Enhancement is a genuine accounted for risk at the moment, that viruses have tens of thousands of small natural mutations thus shouldn't be sensationalised by imbeciles such as Matt Hancock to be repeated in the press? The people who research this knows the truth, and yet the media isn't telling the facts and holding government and politicians to account? They aren't holding SAGE to account, instead they are the dance-partner of these charlatans, providing a platform for them. Doesn't these journalists want a normal life for their children, their grandchildren?

It doesn't make sense that almost nobody I know talks about what has been going on at all. It can't be me who has just noticed the government has increased its advertising on Covid? It can't be just me who knows that Covid is nowhere near the biggest killer in the UK, or that flu has disappeared, or that the economy was destroyed before Covid came along and is being obliterated during the pandemic. I posited that, if we chose 30000 people at random, and had them sit in parallel parliaments - all of them could do a better job than our current parliament on our economy. Yet people line up to download the latest NHS Contact Tracing App - which cannot work. They line up to queue to get into a supermarket because the supermarket monopolies have been given more and more market share - almost as if by design, but then that would be a conspiracy theory of course.

The most astounding thing about this scamdemic - is people don't seem to care about relationships any longer. You tell them that this is designed to stop people meeting, communicating, travelling, consuming and a few conversations on WhatsApp is enough for them. It is like, the day the scamdemic was announced - family locked the door and threw away the key to seeing any other family members. Just how many have written to their MP, their government, secretaries of states, newspaper editors - asking them why they are so useless, spent time on social media pushing back against the lies?

So if you want to try and snap people out of it - tell them where we have been and where this is heading. It isn't ending well, none of the loose ends ties up, and every attempt to dangle the carrot has lead to a severe beatdown of liberty. We need to create better information sources- oracles of information. Newspapers must become less relevant because they cannot be trusted to speak the truth. The actions and outcomes of politicians lies must be made clear.

Advertising spend pre-covid


Advertising by government is the biggest

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