How to stop identify and stop brainwashing

Somebody said to me earlier, completely unprompted, "I was reading a BBC article, apparently countries are going to be divided up into health zones, in terms of colours, red, amber, and green." I asked them how they felt about it, and their reply was it didn't make them feel very happy. Furthermore, it seemed out of all context in regards to the genuine risk. So, my suggestion was to turn off notifications on their phone from BBC. Better still, each time they they receive something they don't want to see - turn it off.

This may sound crazy, that the harmless old BBC, or your Google notifications are brainwashing you, but they are. Simply by including something more commonly in people's lives, makes it more real.

Step one - turn off any notifications you receive from people or companies you don't want to see

Just as you turn off adverts, so too should any news articles you don't want to read. Microsecond glances is all you need to place this in your subconscious mind. Your mind is being programmed and you don't even know it. Pay particular reaction to notifications which actually creates an emotion. These are far more concerning. Imagine, if it makes you want to drink, or eat, or you become sad or lonely. These types of feelings become real, and you become more likely to be affected by that advertising or marketing. I uninstalled Facebook, Twitter has notifications turned off, as does Gab and all my messenger applications.

Put yourself in control.

Step two - Become conscious of what is being pushed at you, and understand it

In this information age, it is impossible to eliminate all sources of information being pushed at you. Sometimes this information is useful - but rarely. The way to think of it is, did I want to know this information, have I benefited from it, did it stop me focusing on my own priorities? If the answers are no, you have a problem. Remember, it can be people who have consumed some information source and are regurgitating it to you.

This can mean, in the example of coronavirus;

  • Understanding the issue.
  • Identify how much it affects you.
  • Assessing the risk.
  • Assessing the response - is it proportional?

It may take a lot to understand an issue. In the case of coronavirus, it has been used to bring in so many other agendas, and so I have felt it of paramount importance to understand it more.

Step three - Understand the motivation behind what is being pushed at you

Understanding the motivation is vital for one simple reason - you can immediately dismiss misinformation. It may not seem like so-called authoritative sources are providing you with misinformation - or propaganda, but almost always they are. Indeed, it is simple to see that almost all major publishers, charities, think-tanks, mainstream media have many conflicts of interest. 

Most advertising should be simple to get. If you keep seeing adverts for cars, the advertisers are trying to sell you cars. If you keep seeing adverts for green cars, perhaps the car producer is trying to subtly let you see that high performance gas guzzlers isn't what the future intends. In the case of coronavirus, we have something far more pervasive and intrusive. It has become an industry, and much of what is being pushed is harmful to the soul. To give a really simple example - the British Government went from number 28 in 2019, in terms of yearly spend on newspaper advertising to number 1 in 2020. Make no mistake, that should concern everybody.

Step four - Don't rely upon one source for your information

It really shouldn't be hard to understand, if you only read the daily express and watch Sky News, your thinking process will be far different to somebody who buys the daily mirror and watches BBC Breakfast. Yet, people do it every day, for their entire life. Why?

Furthermore, don't just read newspapers, or watch television, seek alternative media - read studies, find online puzzles - anything to get your brain active away from spoon-fed media.

I am on Twitter under a pseudonym and it is great for getting insights to the scamdemic from experts and people in general. However, I am extremely cautious of taking everything at face-value and will read more into things. This is how it should be.

Step five - have new motivations, new interests

Luckily, I have a lot of things I am working on. Once certain projects complete, I intend to work on cryptocurrency related development, try to hopefully improve my trading success and see where the hell I can live after this insane lockdown experiment. Focusing on that is constructive, yet cognitive against the scamdemic for me.

Removing brainwashing starts with yourself

Of course, most reading this will laugh at this blog post. They won't realise they have been watching BBC news (not news) for the last year, talking with people who have been watching sky news and reading the Guardian, where all of the journalists (not journalists) have been repeating what SAGE (a few scientists - not the defacto consensus on the pandemic) have been pushing tyranny upon the average soul. They won't recognise with what started as an outbreak in China was entirely orchestrated. Most still think it is about a pandemic - risible and the reason is because they haven't begun to try and think for themselves.


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