Admitting you were wrong on Covid seems to be the hardest thing to do

I haven't held back on my sentiment towards those who have gone along with the very transparent narrative on Covid. It is easy to call these individuals names, and sneer at them for being "stupid", but there is something more to it than name-calling. These people can be intelligent, academic, or less intelligent, and yet adopt the same attitude. My term for these people is "Reality Denialists" just as we have Conspiracy Theorists. Reality Denialists (RDs) avoid confronting what is clear and right in front of them. Reasons for this includes;

  1. If you trust the process, everything will work out in the end.
  2. The shame of admitting you were wrong.
  3. The uncertainty of how the world would be if certain institutions no longer existed.
  4. Inability to make connections on where something is heading.
  5. Laziness.

The third one - the idea that people are consciously aware that if they took down the system that they would feel lost, is a much bigger threat than we may believe. Simply ask most people whether we need government and what their face twist and contort as they try to imagine what this would mean. Simple questions like - do we need police, or a health service, or schools leaves people in a state of confusion. I found it strange that, during lockdown, most people who have "awoken", somehow got angry when their kids were no longer in the government indoctrination camps - schools. It is easy to be flippant, but it isn't meant to be. Until people start to individually ask what world they want to live within, rather than what they are told they must function within, we will be stuck in the same deleterious society.

Ego plays a massive part in the attitudes of the individual. We are told to "think of others", function for the "greater good" and yet, it seems that there is always one person or entity telling you what that greater good is. Currently with this vaccine rollout we are "doing our bit" and are "taking one step closer to normal". To admit that we were duped is actually a deeply rooted and well researched phenomena. I read a study by the University of Essex on the attitudes of fraud victims, they rarely admitted they were conned because it was shameful. Experts are perhaps those with the most to lose. Professionally, they latched onto the Covid narrative and to admit that they haven't examined the detail on Covid is not simply a little embarrassing.

Perhaps, my biggest issue with the more intellectual people is the refusal of people to draw conclusions on where something may be heading. It seems strange that we want to wait for evidence in real time before beginning to accept that something happened. To me, it feels like boarding a flight, being told that the plane only has enough fuel for lift-off, and still hoping to arrive in Benidorm. You have been told all the facts, shown the evidence, yet prefer to blindly believe in something because it suits you or you don't want to have to accept something uncomfortable.

What are these obvious truths on Covid?

  • PCR-RT Tests are not valid for testing and makes almost all cases invalid.
  • Other conditions should not have been prevented from being dealt with.
  • Many infections and fatalities occurred nosocomially (hospital acquired infections).
  • Most people dying with Covid were not Covid deaths.
  • Those dying of Covid was very small in number.
  • Social Distancing is bollocks.
  • The virus was lab-engineered.
  • Many excess deaths happened during this pandemic which were completely unrelated to Covid.
  • Masks doesn't work.
  • Vaccine passports will in no way help to prevent Covid.
  • The vaccines are causing adverse reactions to some people.
  • The vaccines will harm more younger people than Covid did.
  • The vaccines have not been proven to prevent transmission or infection.
  • Waiting lists went up for operations.
  • Asymptomatic Spread doesn't exist - yet (Geert Vanden Bosschen claims it will be the vaccinated who will be the ones to spread the vaccine escaped viruses).

All of these points are verifiable and yet people have been busily getting themselves jabbed so they can "Get my life back".

If you made it this far, you may like to call me a "Covid Denier" - nothing could be farther from the truth. I firmly believe that from significant reading and content review - that most Covid deaths could have been avoided through medications. If you are reading this article and you have been affected by Covid, you should be as angry as those who saw Covid being weaponised against freedom.

Earlier on, I showed a medical professional a video of Panorama documentary showing the whole charade surrounding Covid testing labs. The idea that their ability to enter and leave a country is predicated upon the outcome of these tests is preposterous. When you tell them the Nobel Prize winning inventor, Dr. Kary Mullis, of the PCR-RT methodology isn't a diagnostic process - they scoff.

The sinister agenda of "argumentum ad populum"

During Covid, I started learning about the many logical fallacies that existed. Despite not being an expert in them, once you start to understand them, many everyday encounters with information are often tainted. Some of these logical fallacies are so blatantly misused to gain advantage, and it is rarely recognised. "Mob rule" is the idea that a larger group of people can overpower a smaller number of people. In reality, we have rarely seen mobs overpower governments and instead we see mobs overpowering each other through divide and conquer tactics.

The main way Argumentum Ad Populum (AAP) is applied, is with democracy. A small number of individuals - the media and government, spend massive amounts of resources persuading the majority they have the illusion of choice through voting. The best and most recent example was Brexit. I remain to be swayed in the slightest that aside from a few key differences, we are not in any less of a despotic tyranny now we are outside the European Union than we were within it. Of course, Brexit itself was series of binary fallacies, a false dilemma, "in" or "out", "Deal" or "No deal", "Remainer" or "Brexiteer". To make the point, almost every European country - inside or outside the EU has pretty much seen the same set of Covid tyrannical measures applied.

There is a far more sinister use of AAP during Covid though. Largely, it is the divide and conquer strategy; masks vs no masks, Covid deniers versus Church of Covidian cultists, vaxxers versus antivaxxers, Conspiracy theorists versus "Trusting the Science". Even the most feeble minded of people should be able to see through this, but they can't. Where AAP becomes most sinister, is when momentum is used - a pendulum to pull everybody in the same direction. Initially, the elderly were the people to protect, the goalposts kept moving until now, we have just the children left to vaccinate. "What's good for the goose, is good for the gander?" Once a large number of people have decided to comply, it becomes hard to then say, I don't want my child to have it. Or, perhaps, if we see jabs becoming quarterly - "I think jabs every three months, is perhaps a bit excessive?"

It doesn't take a genius

My little saying on the pandemic is "People continue to disappoint." Whilst a little more challenging, understanding that the pandemic was never as big as being made out, isn't that much more difficult than deciding which cryptocurrencies to buy, or where to go on holiday. Neither is there much of an excuse - you choose to watch the TV and news on a daily basis over the last 17 months of this pandemic, or you try to find out what has been going on. You either choose to wear a mask to work when the evidence and studies shows that masks doesn't work, or you comply therefore voicing your support for these barbaric practices.

"Trust the science" but whose particular brand of science? Certainly not the kind of science where when reasonable inquiry is undertaken. Many of these scientists have been deplatformed from Twitter, YouTube. You never see them being wheeled out on news features to provide a counter narrative.

Perhaps the most stunning feature of this pandemic is that almost all information on why the pandemic was never as big a problem as being portrayed, is all in the mainstream media and government publications itself. We have so many stories on;

  • Young healthy people dying soon after the vaccination.
  • Famous people suffering from health issues after their vaccination.
  • Ministers (Dominic Raab for one) explaining about the 7% False Positive Rate.
  • Massive inconsistencies on test data results.
  • Long dated contracts for marketing spend on Covid advertising.
  • $10.2 trillion extra wealth moving towards the billionaires since this pandemic began.
  • Judges tearing up Covid non-compliance fines.
  • Continued bait and switch by governments promising to restore freedoms and then moving the goalposts again.
  • Massive contracts awarded to friends and family of politicians for PPE and other Covid related spending.
  • Eminent experts warning of the risks of mass vaccination during realtime pandemics.

I have shown experts official data sources, and still they try to find reasons why it doesn't prove anything. Friends who were boasting that they would be going on holiday this summer once they had their jabs - are now planning caravan trips in the UK. Another friend, actually claimed that until the whole world was vaccinated (3% at the time) it didn't seem sensible to think about going on holiday.

The hardest for me though, has nothing to do with Covid - at all. It is that people have such abject understanding on how the financial system works, they are blinded to the naked capitalism and crony capitalism which has been on turbocharge during the pandemic. When I tell them that the financial system that we know it was destroyed before Covid (September 2019 Repo Crisis), the same "Oh I didn't hear about it on the news" emanates. When we point out that all leaders (misleaders) have been repeating "Build Back Better" a slogan of the WEF - that's a conspiracy theory. When I explain that Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 have some pretty nefarious objectives - again, conspiracy theories. Yet, it is all there - UBI in Wales, Nationalising of the Railways in the UK, UBI touted in the US, destruction of numerous industries without any evidence it prevented Covid.

Summing up

Society has lost. On a personal level, I have lost groups of friends, and to be honest, I have lost interest in them. It takes dedication to continue to deny what is happening and to support those that harms you the most. Indeed, many of these people are positively harmful, and represent the real threat to society through their indifference.

The financial reset never got off the ground and the political establishment bottled it. We are seeing attempts at trying to make certain Orwellian efforts stick at the same time that most people aren't pushing back. The West has increased its debt burdens, destroyed productivity and has thus lost significant ground to the East. Entire industries have been decimated and once enough people truly understands what has been done to them - there will be hell to pay.

As you know, I don't pride myself on providing fully evidenced and cited information on this blog. The reason is because I want you to do your own research and form your own conclusions. 

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  • As you say, the whole narrative is riddled with holes.  Enjoyed the read.  It seems that - unfortunately - government can literally 'tell' people they're preparing to split their families up and place them in camps.. yet to say as much to someone believing in their television is to be a 'conspiracy theorist'.  The lunatics and sociopaths at the top have many precisely where they need them.
    • Hi Mark, yes I have watched this go on for a long time and a large amount of my focus has been on understanding the lengths people go to try and avoid confronting what is happening. I used to think we are adults and can make our own decisions and dare I say it, because we pay taxes to people who promise to solve our problems then we can take risks.

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