My email to the Prime Minister's office - Boris Johnson and you should do the same

It has been the best part of a year and a half now since Covid was used as a backdrop to resetting the economy. I won't be swayed on people claiming anything other than a scam - even though Covid is real. The devastation to lives has been far greater than the benefits - that is, the prevention has been worse than the cure. I am attaching my letter to the Prime Minister of the UK. Personally, I have zero faith in democracy, don't subscribe to mob rule, and think we have reached the point where enough is enough.

I have tried everything to try and prevent the many situations which are happening to many friends, family, and strangers in the UK. Nobody deserves this and without a complete restoration of freedoms and charges against the clear corruption which has gone on. It didn't need to be a conspiracy, just obvious things which happened over the last 17 months.

Here is my letter.

Hello, both my parents are in hospital, a result of govt & NHS policy decisions - not Covid. It is likely my father will pass soon.

UK today; govt cronyism, small businesses collapse, obliteration of basic freedoms.

Known facts
The real science behind Covid.
govt blocked the use of medicines known to prevent Covid.
Masks doesn't work.
Censorship & advertising campaign by govt to restrict knowledge on solving Covid.
Clear attempts to destroy and restructure the global economy is well underway.
This restructuring of the economy is failing, govt is backpeddling, doubling down to exit this nightmare.
Covid vaccines (Spike Protein) are causing all manner of ADRs.
Vaccine passports cannot work, govt is incompetent at all technology it attempts to create.
I know all these things, as a polymath. If I know these things, you can be certain that millions of others do.

So, just stop this insanity, and cease the lies. Enough really is enough.

Thank you,

Zak Willis


We are at a nadir. We are at a point where the vast majority just go about their lives, when new levels of insanity are thrown at them, they simply count their lucky stars that their party is in power, or that they have a job, or that they don't live in Africa or any of the other myriad of psyops which they are lead to believe. Even when they have got jabbed up and are seeing adverse reactions (people dying) in the newspapers, they just count to ten and hope they will be allowed to go on holiday again. They get upset when their school kids are being taught leftie woke BS but never even think to get together and form a committee of parents.

So, I don't hold out much hope, you don't need to agree with me, but at least hold these politicians - who claim to be acting in our best interests, to account.

Contact the Prime Minister's Office

Thank you. The Prime Minister’s Office is currently receiving an exceptionally high volume of e-mails. If your message concerned an issue relating to the responsibilities of another Government Department or public authority then you should resend it to them. The Prime Minister’s Office is, at this time, only able to consider matters directly relating to the Prime Minister and will not reply to e-mails that could have been dealt with elsewhere or which are of a general nature.


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