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Hi there and welcome to my new blog, in the next couple of years it won't be so new and, people will have read some of my musings and taken a fresh perspective on what seems so black and white.

Having been around enough in many capacities, there is a strong sense of what has been accomplished and habitualised, what is still an ongoing journey and what is yet to be discovered. There is the real prospect of rejecting many former premises simply because what was thought to be valid can be rejected. In the same breath too many people are quick to reject the old for the new only to find they were wrong - this is an expensive learning process perhaps those people should at least attempt to respect the former before throwing it out. There are new advances that displace the old, disruptive activities leading many to question how they ever "got by", this is a curious notion but we hear it all the time:-

  • How did I ever survive without that shampoo?
  • You're a life saver. I only told you the name of that restaurant.
  • I can't believe how much faster this technology is then before, we can now process our data feeds within 1hr rather than 10.
  • Do you remember dialup - how quaint?
  • I wish I had an iPhone 7 to take on holiday twenty years ago, those pictures are so grainy and small.

The question to ask is what are we doing with these amazing new advances in technology?

Perhaps it is not fair to judge those who seem to waste them and so we shall move on.

Why a blog?

I encourage everybody to have a blog, you can't be prejudiced when blogging apparently but some may question whether all forms of opinion are indeed prejudice and perhaps people will move beyond seeing opinions as prejudice and move towards a process of overcoming and understanding.

The reason to have a blog is simply to have a voice outside of some behaving medium. Whilst I still use stack overflow I once got incensed with the post police who found it worth their while to point out I hadn't answered their question exactly how they like it to be answered. Similarly, I am capable of reading and independently forming opinions so why should I write theses adding citations when at best I can just leave a list of respected authors and encourage people to read for themselves. Twitter is paradoxical, the most open form of opinion and yet struggling to give a reasoned opinion to an audience. Facebook seems to be fine as long as you avoid politics, post pictures of cats and divulge every intimate part of your life for the government and friends to pick apart. These are all valid forms of expressing yourself within a microcosm although becomes a frustrating experience when trying to be understood on a more meaningful plane. Blogs themselves are not perfect, aren't they supposed to have a beginning, middle and an end? But isn't it rare to find anything other than simple matters befitting such conformity?

There are other reasons for creating a blog, we have all heard of the idea of a personal brand, something that gives people a better chance to get to know what you are about - the idea being people can connect you and your story to them and their needs. I for one find it far more reassuring to put what I think out there for others to see unedited than to wait for a question on quora or make a statement of less than 140 characters. It is important to see these as portals into your world than as you trying to live in their world.

Welcome to my blog and I am Zak Willis


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